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Surron Storm Bee

Surron Storm Bee Enduro model -  Next shipment will arrive in December. 
Orders now being taken for this amazing high performance
electric off-road bike


Surron announce the imminent release of the eagerly awaited full size adult off road dirt bike with insane specifications and performance. Technical specs will continue to change up until the official release and worldwide shipping.

Pre orders can be taken now or EOI for when the bike is available here in Australia.

Please email:  to be added to the email wait list. 

Current Specifications:

  • 4600Wh 96V 48Ah Sony Battery. 3 hour charging time.
  • 8000rpm 22.5kw mid drive motor. Top speed 110kmh.
  • Insane 520 N.m of torque
  • 290mm front and rear suspension travel
  • Dimension: 2120mm_810mm_1430mm. Total weight: 118kg
  • All Terrain Tyre, Fr.: 110/80-19; Rr.: 140/70-17 or Off-Road Tyre, Fr.: 80/100-21; Rr.:100/90-18
  • All aluminium structure
  • ABS brakes
  • Off road version without any lights