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Surron 70/100-19" Offroad tyre - Pirelli Upgrade

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Awesome front or rear Tyre Upgrade from the standard factory fitted CST tyres.

The Pirelli Scorpion MX 32 Mid Soft features a tyre with directional arrow layout blocks which optimise contact with the ground at all times and offer maximum traction and precision in cornering. To compliment the front tyre, the rear also features a ÒVÓ layout of blocks to provide maximum power to the ground in all situations, along with improved stability in traction and on braking.

Using a double-layer compound construction, the Pirelli Scorpion MX 32 Mid Soft features maximum resistance to heat and dynamic stresses. This improved the reliability of performance lap after lap during long motos throughout the day. The unique MX 32 Mid Soft tread pattern and compound were developed with the contribution of the most prestigious players in the Motocross industry throughout the world, includingÊStephan Everts and Mickael Pichon. 

Please Note:

Bike fitted with DNM forks - fits both front & rear wheels. Bike fitted with RST forks - fits only rear wheel clearance issues on forks. For matching pair use CST OEM tyre