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Dirty Bike Industries

Surron/Segway Magura 1/4 turn electronic throttle

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This quick action throttle is a direct fit for all Sur-Ron Light Bee and Segway X260/160 bikes with stock electronic or cable throttles. New electronics allow this throttle to work properly with all models, including the new 2021 controllers.

Wires are securely attached reducing the risk of the wires being pulled out of the housing. 

This "plug and play" kit from Dirty Bike includes set of quality off road grips. 

Great upgrade for the older cable-operated throttles. Are you tired of twisting Light Bee's cable throttle almost half a turn to get full throttle? Have you had problems with the stock throttle cable adjustment causing the engine not to start? Upgrade your old cable throttle to a high quality quick action Magura electronic throttle from Dirty Bike Industries. A must for off-road riding to keep your arms in proper riding position. 

All throttles are dynamically tested and adjusted for minimum dead band and proper voltage output.