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Thumpstar TSE-12 Electric Balance Bike

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Electric Dirt Bikes presents the Thumpstar TSE-12 - the easiest way to get your kids riding before they are ready to hop on a motorcycle!

Rather than pedalling or running to push the bike along, your child can learn the basics of handle bar controls with twist throttle and bar mounted front brakes. Suitable for 3-5 year olds the electric balance bike is the ultimate teaching tool for those who want their child to learn the basics of riding a motorcycle without the dangers and maintenance that petrol powered motorbikes pose.

Would you like to develop your child's balance and coordination?

Has your toddler outgrown the tricycle, but is still too small for those 50cc dirt bikes?

This is the bike you've been waiting for!


The Thumpstar TSE -12 Electric Balance Bike is suitable for children AGES 3 and UP. This bike has more safety controls than any other electric starter bike out there!

The box includes a set of REAL MOTORCYCLE FOOTPEGS (which you can easily attach when your child has learned some basic skill and balance), a charging cord which plugs into a port on the frame, high quality 5.2Ah battery for hours of fun*, comprehensive toolkit and an owner's manual.

This bike includes Thumpstar's KICK START feature, for added safety, which prevents sudden, unexpected starts. (The rider must start the bike in motion or "push off" before the motor will activate.) As the rider gains experience and skill, the KICK START feature can be disabled by opening the bottom cover and unplugging the clearly labeled "KICK START" wire.

3 Speed Switch on the bottom of the bike, which conveniently allows your child to start slow and increase speeds as they gain skill and experience.

Speed Limiter which can be disconnected by removing the bottom cover and disconnecting the easily identifiable "Speed Limiter" Wire. (Be sure to set the above mentioned Speed Switch on the bottom of the bike back to the SLOW setting until your child is ready for maximum performance!)

Torque Switch which can be disconnected by removing the bottom cover and disconnecting the easily identifiable "Torque Switch" wire for maximum starting and hill climbing power.

Aluminum Frame with Steel Forks make this bike lightweight, but still very durable.

Adjustable seat (15" to 22") to allow the perfect fit (your child should be able to place both feet on the ground simultaneously while seated).

6 speed settings (3 in "Limited" mode plus 3 more in "full power" mode).



Engine 250w Brushless
Battery Li 24v 5.2A-5c
Gearbox / Speed Mode 6 Speed (3 x Learning Speeds + 3 x Racing Speeds)
Starter Throttle / Kick (Kick can be turned on/off)
Running Time 2 Hours
Charge Time 2 - 4 Hours
Final Drive Hub Drive Motor (No Chain)
Top Speed 18 Kph
Suspension Front N/A
Suspension Rear N/A
Brakes Front N/A
Brakes Rear Disc Brake
Wheel & Tire Front 12 - 2.125
Wheel & Tire Rear 12 - 2.125
Wheelbase (axle to axle) 690mm
Seat Height  390mm + 100mm
Product Weight N.W | G.W 11 / 12.2
Max Load 75kg
Product Packing Size 860x225x440mm | .1