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Torp Motors

Torp TC500 Controller - Surron/Segway


The Torp TC500 controller is made to upgrade your SurRon Light Bee or Segway X260 e-bike to an electric beast, be it on the road or at the tracks!

Beta tested globally on hundred of bikes and perfected to fit Surron Light Bee and Segway X260 e-bikes like a glove, TORP TC500 controller is the boost of power you`ve been waiting for!

FOC technology assures the smooth and predictable power-curve from the beginning to the end of the ride. In combination with a custom 72V battery, you will be able to boost the power of your Surron or Segway up to 25kW! 


Plug & Play in the true meaning of words. No previous knowledge of electronics is needed to install. Just follow the installation manual and you are set to go in less than 20 min! We did all the tiresome tuning and configuration for you, so you don’t have to.

TC500 Controller is the only after-market controller that is in communication with the stock BMS. This unique feature enables the Controller to track battery temperature and cell voltage. It can also adjust the power according to the data it receives from BMS. All the stats can be accessed through the App.


Although the Controller is pre-configured for Surron and Segway bikes, you can change features and power settings through a user-friendly mobile App.
With the mobile App, available for iOS and Android phones, you`ll have all the important stats in the palm of your hand.

App can be downloaded from the Apple store or Google play store. 

Check out the Installation videos on Youtube. 


-Field-oriented control (FOC)
-Voltage 20-90V
-Max Power: 25kW
-Sensored (HALL Encoder) and sensorless control
-Max Battery Current: 400 A

In combination with the stock Surron e-motor, the max power is 17 kW.


-Max phase current: 500 A
-Efficiency up to 99%
-Working temperature: from -15 to 75 C°
-Bluetooth communication
-Pre-calibrated: No additional steps required
-Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature protection
-Communication with stock BMS

-Different regenerative braking and throttle modes
-Weight: 1kg
-Features: Mobile App (IOS & Android), stock Surron display
-Protection class: IP67
-Regular firmware updates

NO subscription fees as well. 


Click here for Controller Manual